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About Prochimie International

We Offer savings and alternate sources through strategic partnership to bring industry high quality service and chemicals.

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Who We Are

For over 45 years, Prochimie has been an innovative sourcing company, linking domestic manufacturers with the global chemical industry. We explore and develop new markets in North America for overseas producers as well as develop individual specialty products for others.

"Since our establishment in 1975,  Prochimie has combined a broad knowledge of chemistry with a deep understanding of production processes to serve the chemical market both in the U.S. and worldwide. Our customers range from the world's largest chemical companies to one-person start-ups. The manufacturers we represent are also diverse but have in common the confidence that our dedication to their products, markets, and customers equals theirs. This is a confidence that we have never taken lightly nor ever will."                    -William A. Roston, Founder, Prochimie International, Inc.

"This sentiment as expressed by our founder resounds evermore today with Prochimie's creative and alternative sourcing response to the present supply chain challenges."
                 -Anna Malz, President, Prochimie International, Inc.


Prochimie is a full service supplier of a wide range of chemicals from global affiliates. Prochimie was established in 1975 as the sales and marketing representative in the U.S. for major French and Belgian chemical producers. As the industry rapidly changed over the last four decades, Prochimie broadened its supplier base to also include major producers in Central Europe and Asia.

 Originally headquartered in New York City, Prochimie relocated to Windsor, Connecticut in 1998 and today is based in West Hartford, Connecticut.
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